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Paris-Dakar at the Lac Rose - 15/01/2006 23:43 by Bertil

Yoff session - 28/12/2005 23:33 by Bertil

First seesion at Dakar - 14/11/2005 09:50 by Bertil
This sunday was the first good session at Dakar ; we were 4 kites at Yoff (mosquee Layen), with a 15kts North-East wind : Max, Zak, Thomas et Alessio. The see was strong, as usual : one broken kite (Alessio) and one broken board (Thomas) ...
Alessio goes back to Italia and left some accessories for Kitesurf Solidaire, thank you.

Visite of Andrea and Alessio (OverSeekerKiteSchool) - 07/11/2005 17:06 by Bertil
Andrea and Alessio ( arrived from Italia friday nov 4th evening at Dakar by Air France, their lugage arrived the day after ... unfortunately the wind is down, saturday nov 5th we visited the spots on the North side of Dakar, of course we visited Johnny at Ngor Beach, and finaly, they awarded Yoff Layen spot (mosquee) ! Sunday nov 6th, we went at La Somone, hoping and waiting for the thermic wind ; Andrea said "sacré spot" ; around 14h, a small wind raised, we pumped, but the max wind was 10kts , so we swimmed, and the italian riders went visiting the Bandia wild animals reserve ...

The Trade winds in Saint-Louis - 03/11/2005 13:30 by Bertil
I have been spending 3 very nice days in Saint-Louis where the trade winds came since few days. In the morning, the wind comes from N-E about 15kts, in the afternoon it turns N-W 15-20kts, very pleasant on the ocean. Be careful, the N-S flow is strong in the waves, it's better behind the shore break.


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