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Forum - Rencontrer et pratiquer en groupe - Kitesurfing Dakar - What to bring and where to go?

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le 01/12/2019 15:08
par Andy



Hello guys,

this is a very nice website and it already provides a lot of information. 

I have a short notice trip planned to Dakar. The main reason for coming to Dakar is to go surfing, but I also consider to take my kitesurfing equipment. At least for some time I will be staying on Ngor island but would also like to explore other spots depending on the conditions. 

I heard mixed comments on the winds in Dakar and surrounding... some say it is not worth bringing kite equipment and some say it could make sense. 

I have 6,8,9,12m kites and a direction + twin tip. I thought of taking the 9m + the twin tip (since winds seem to be mostly onshore). I would prefer to surf in waves depending on size.... max. 3 - 4m depending on shape of waves (mellow vs. hollow).

As I have decide to either take a 2nd surfboard or instead my limited kite package (9m kite, bar, harness, board), I would like to get some recommendations:

How is the wind during between mid December and mid January? 

Is there someone available that could help with once-off guiding? Where to go etc.?

I have seen that there is some infrastructure at Yoff which seems quite good since I will def. not bring a kite pump due to space limitations.

Any feedback / help is appreciated. I will be leaving next Friday... so the earlier the better wink!

Thank you all!


PS: I will not bring my 12m - not a fan of light winds. It´s either enough for the 9m or I will go surfing.

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Réponse n° 1
le 01/12/2019 19:45
par khalid



Hi there and welcome to Dakite,

To keep the answer short and based on your requierement to not bring a kite bigger than 9m , it is a No.

I can describe the wind in Dakar-Somone as often light to moderate on rare occasions.....getting constant 16 knots can be described as a lucky day....and apps like Windy are not often spot on...for instance, yesterday we were expecting 15 gusting 23 knots based on windy projections but then once at the beach it was more of 8 to 10 knots at best..

My advice is to bring the other surf board and at best if we are lucky and get enough winds for your liking to use a 9m you can rent it....the best person to contact is Bertil...an experienced kiter and instructor who spent 27 years in Senegal...he can also rent you equipment if needed.



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Réponse n° 2
le 01/12/2019 20:50
par Bertil


17 messages

Thanks Khalid, it's all true ! We almost never use 9m² size kite here in Dakar, only girls do it, or men 4 or 5 times a year !

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Réponse n° 3
le 01/12/2019 22:21
par Andy


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Thanks Khalid and Bertil! This is very helpful. Obviously I had the illusion that there is more wind ;). 

 I will then definitely leave my 9m kite at home. I could take my 12m kite along but not sure. Maybe that fits into the bag along with 2 surfboards. I did some pre-packing today.

@Bertil: Can you share the rough prices for kite equipment rental? Then I could then decided to bring only some parts of the equipment... harness, board, kite + bar etc.?

Would be great to have one or two kiteboarding sessions with one of you in Dakar while being there for four weeks!

Thank you! Andy

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Réponse n° 4
le 02/12/2019 12:13
par Bertil


18 messages

Price for kite equipment rental (kite + board)  : 75€ / session but not sure that the gear will be available all the time (I have not a lot !), you'd better book before at dakitetour@gmail.com

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