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Kitesurfing at Sal CaboVerde - March 2008

We arrive at the airport of Sal ( you may count 1000 CVE - Cape Verdean escudos, € 1 = CVE 110 - to go to Santa Maria in taxi, 1500 CVE by 4WD car). Before arriving in the city, we went to Ponta Preta which lies a few kilometers on the west coast, to take a first glance at the PWA windsurfing competition in waves, which takes place at this time on this spot, it blows well-off side, impressive to see guys surfing at 10-20m from the edge of the rocks above!

We had reserved for the pensao Nha Terra, very good, clean fun (approximately € 20 per person per night, including breakfast). First session arriving in the Bay of Santa Maria, clear water, wind north-east of 15-18 knots, but it becomes outgoing parallel to the beach when we go to the rocky at the west of the bay. The water was flat, the wind is quite irregular because of the buildings of the city, it stabilizes a bit when we start off, the spot is fairly average in those circumstances, it may be the matter if there is not time to go somewhere else.

The next day we go to Kitebeach at 5-10 km from Santa Maria on the east coast (count CVE 600 by taxi to go; think to the way back with the taximan, otherwise by foot after a downwind to the rocky at the east entrance of the city!). There is a row of sand dunes along the beach, that form a beautiful bay with a hill in the north).

With wind north-east of 20-28 knots, side-on from the left, a beautiful wave breaks over a rocky barrier that appears in some places at low tide (!), When you go offshore you attack a 1.5 m vawe and jumps are giants, on the return you surf mostly right waves.

On this excellent spot there is a relatively large crowds, the width of beach is quite small, we should not hesitate to walk a little to be quiet. There is a small hut for eating, otherwise there should be a picnic. The following 2 days we do it again at Kitebeach with a 17-20 knots wind, a delight, except for sunburn, and at the end of the day the wind oriented north and irregular because of the hill ; it goes down at 13-14 knots, and we feel that it's going to turn ...

Indeed, the day after in the morning, it blows from the northwest, fairly low, we decide to go to Ponta Preta (count CVE 500 taxi and forecast the return) and we inflate the large kites to start sailing on a plain water and transparent background of white sand dotted with rocks, a heaven! At midday, the wind increases to 16-20 knots still at Northwest, blowing almost parallel to the beach, we decrease the size of the kites, the water is beautiful, unfortunately for them the windsurfing competition is adjourned because there are no waves enought, for us it is less serious, happiness continues long runs where we cross the flight of exocets (flying fish), jumps and transitions varied (more or less successful!) .

Our last day arrives, the night before we made a nice restaurant, it is not that which is missing (approximately 15-20 € for a meal) and we tasted (!) local Grogue to the terrace of one of the bars that line the streets of the small town ... And the early morning no wind on Santa Maria. Our disappointment at not take advantage until the end lasted until early afternoon when Mario (Josh Angulo Center) tells us to go to Ponta Preta where he was and where a small thermic wind rises ... Time to find a taxi and a run by Northwestern 12-16 knots gives us with the finishing touches to a week 100% kitesurfing !

Photos Brian Sloan - Thanks

Photos Hubert Mangelsen - Thanks

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Last update : 23/05/2008 03:07
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