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Cap Skirring

It's the main tourist place in Casamance, with its international airport, some touring clubs, and many campements and hotels.

The beach, wide and wonderfull (that you share with zebus !), lies from Club Med at North to Kabrousse at South. During the trade winds' saison (december-may), the main wind is N-NE just offshore, and you have to wait for the thermic winds in the afternoon to kitesurf safefully.

The spot is great, the water is at good temperature even in the coldest season (have a neopren shorty), and the vawes raise with west winds. In case of emergency, note that the Club Med has a rescue station on the beach.

At Mussuwam campement (Tel : 33 993 5184) that is just behind the beach, M. Sagna, the boss, and Pascal, will welcome you cordially ...

The director of Alizes Beach Resort lets us know that all the kiters are welcome on the beach in front of his hotel : for each of them who would have the good idea to ride in this place, he offers a free access to his private beach + use of lavatories (shower + toilettes) + 1 drink (no alcool) at the beach bar. It appears that the kiteborder's show is wonderfull for the clients cool
Have a look on the sea with treir   static webcam or live webcam + temperature and wind

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