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Since few weeks we were in contact with FunandKite a association from France, because Bat wanted to give 2 kites (Naish ARX 9.5 et ARX 13.5). They just arrived for Chrismas 2006 with the help of Marine and Julien who spend their holydays in Dakar. Thanks to them and to Filou who mobilized people in France.
Some members of FunandKite, Bat in the frontsite


After the end of the year, Santa Claus gets a few holidays incognito at the Club Med of Dakar under pseudonyme Saucisseman : great, he thought about "Kitesurf solidaire" and brought a Takoon Skoop2 17m kite in his lagage, that will be very usefull to initiate strong boys here !

More, we had a nice first kitesurf session together at Yoff beach, on the waves... thanks smile

Guillaume Boutet.jpg

After what Marc came and gave a F-One Mach 1 15.1 in Mach 2007 with a harness, then Filou came also and brought a Kool 9.5 kite from Guillaume in North of France, with a harness also.

AKLR (Association des Kitesurfers du Languedoc-Roussillon), throught Joel,  gave also a board and some kites during summer 2008.

Tony from Bomboklat in Italia came during january 2009 and gave some lessons to his senegalese friend "Mame Ngor".

Lamine went on february-march 2009 and let his gear (one kite an one board) to Lati and then Yohan trained him immediatly.

Thanks a lot to them.

190204-jeanluc-bertil-don.jpgAfter a while (!), we go on with "kitesurf solidaire" in 2019 cool

Isabelle et Jean-Luc coming from France went in Dakar on february 2019, giving one Ozone Instinct Light 2 9m², a 2009 kite with 5th line bar in good state of work, that will be usefull for young light-weight kitesurfers to start : thanks wink

"Belle rencontre avec Bertil sur la plage de Yoff malheureusement avec trop peu de vent pour kiter mais avec de nombreux conseils de visites du Sénégal.
Un grand merci et que le matos de kite laissé serve à un sénégalais qui rêve de s'amuser dans les vagues .
Merci et sans doute à une prochaine fois."
Isabelle et Jean Luc

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