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Saloum delta

South of Djifere, the "Parc Naturel du Delta du Saloum" is a natural area, so you need an authorisation for kitesurfing : ile de la Pointe de Sangomare, Saloum rivermouth, edge of the forest of the Saloum islands and edge of the forest of the Betanti islands, to the gambian border.

Between Djifère and Sangomare island, this is the Saloum rivermouth : there are waves and streamings depending the tides... At the South of Sangomare island, there are also nice waves around "les ilots nouveaux".

Everywhere else in the delta, the water is flat, along large sundy beaches... welcome to paradise !

The Trade Winds from North-East begin since november-décember speed about 15 to 25 kts. During january, february, march, it's Harmatant, wind from East, speed about 15 to 30 kts. Then, during april, may and june, there is see-wind about 15 to 20 kts.

Ride at "les ilots nouveaux" - Dan behin the camera, thanks

DIAPORAMA Delta du Saloum

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