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Karabane is a village on the Karabane island, placed at the mouth of the Casamance river. You go there by boat via Elinkine.

Since 26 april 2014 : the ferry-boat Aline Sitoe Diatta makes stopover in Carabane (Le bateau Aline Sitoé Diatta fait escale à Carabane) so now it's possible to come from Dakar or Ziguinchor by boat. From Dakar it takes one night, the boat starts in the evening and arrives in the morning (while the dolphins play in the vawe of the boat entering in the river, true !).

You kitesurf on the river. West side of the village, there is a point very helpfull to start, and the low level of the water in the bay will be appreciated by beginers. In the morning the wind comes from East, and turns from West in the afternoon. It's very nice.

On the island there is a hotel (Hotel Carabane) or the Campement Barracuda "chez Amath" very friendly.

Also Chez Guy et Christine at BADJI KUNDA
Tél. : (+ 221) 33 993 20 96 / 77 537 37 02
Nearest campement from the baie of Carabane, ideal for kitesurfing.
Nice place, in front of the river, very nice view and good cooking !
Guy, who leaves there since 20 years, knows the place very well and offers boat trips.
Price fullboard : 15000 Fcfa

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