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Boubou DaKite 2012

Here is the spring-summer fashion DaKite 2012 product : le BOUBOU !

The prototypes are just arrived from our factory in Bamako : it's coming from the very last hight technology ; the material is latest generation bazin, especialy tinted for us in order to give the more intense blue (otherwise we prefere nothing !) ; the design is all hand-and-foot-made embroidering ; each piece is unique !

Please order as soon as possible by email to bertil.willotte@gmail.com
speficy dimensions shoulder to shoulder, chest width, height of body, and also the name to write on the back wink
the base price is 10.000Fcfa, and it coult be lower with the number of pieces (but it's handmade...)
Creation date : 24/05/2012 17:25
Last update : 24/05/2012 18:20
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