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Ngor right beach

Ngor is the name for both the island and the village.

Nice spot, but very small beach, lot of people on the sand during june-october, flat water, venturi wind from N-NE (alyzee from october to june). Riding on the bay or outside is possible (attention : stones and shorebreak).


Many restaurants and hotels stand along this nice beach, especially :
- Ngor Diarama (private beach on the right side)
- Madrague (in the middle)
- Brazzérade (in the middle, near the port)
- Maison Abaka (on the left side, near theport : guest house, B&B, air conditionned, african style, patio, swimmingpool, terrasse. Tel +221 338206486. Email isabelle@maison-abaka.com)
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