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Saly is the great seaside resort in Senegal. They are many hotels and restaurants, some boats stay in the bay, holidaytakers practise jet-ski, catamaran and windsurf, that they can rent in the hotels nautic clubs. see the map

About kitesurfing, you need your own material, nothing is available on the place. The thermic wind in the afternoon is about 15-20kt, it's very nice in the bay with flat water.

But, it's difficult to raise your kite in the middle of the beach, because the beach is not broad enough ... You'll better walk a bit to the North, behind the cap of hotel Espadon. Beside Residence Safari Village or Les Christallines (where you'll find Jojo and Crevette, two sympatic fellows who provide windsurfs and Hobby Cat), the beach is great

Near Hotel Lamentin, on the beach of "résidences du Port" or "résidences Mangroves", the Saly Sailing Club offers sailing services : lodging, lessons, rental, raids, races... Benoit will welcome you, and kitesurfing is possible under his assistance : http://www.saly-voile.com

Souther in the bay, it's possible to kitesurf near Tama Lodge, almost at the Mbour door. Attention, some stones are in the water !

Careful : the wind is often off ... wait for the thermic wind which appear in the afternoon (if you're lucky) !

with help of agence Kamikazz

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