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Your kitesurfing guide-school

is your guide trainer and organizer for your trips in Senegal. Our kitesurfing experience all over the segalese beaches since many years will provide you sensations and sought adequate security, but also pleased to discover "le pays de la Téranga".

2021-2022 season

You are autonomous

We provide you with adrenaline due to surfing and downwind out of breath on the waves or between islands, the sensations of freeridind or freestyling on flat water.

You are begining

We take you taste the joys of discovering virtually blank spots on flat water where the wind blows a steady, safe with advisory support, and if you want it, get a lesson to beginning or development.

You want to move

We propose you a trip at your convenience, from the "Langue de Barbarie" in the North with the great waves of the Ocean or the flat water of the Senegal river, to the edge of Casamanse along its wonderfull beaches, or also the expanses of Sine-Saloum which meet all conditions of wind and water...

You prefer to stay

We'll take full advantage of the spots in the place that you have chosen depending on winds of the day, and you will not be far while your friends and / or family rest in perfect peace.

accompanies you to organize your kitesurfing trip, stationary or mobile, autonomous or beginner, with or without your gears, alone or together, whatever the level of comfort that you want : contact us to talk about it DakiteTour@gmail.com


You get your own travel to Senegal, by plane or boat or car... when you arrive in Senegal we are able to propose you destinations at your convenience.


We sell kites and boards, new or almost new, from Genetrix and Zeeko companies, in low-cost prices : contact-us for each need.

Rental, we provide some kites, boards, harness



Difficult to give a rate without knowing what you search exactly, we have to discuss it : contact-us.


Sénégal pratique : géographie, formalités, santé, climat...

Kitesurf Sénégal
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