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BCEAO - Paillottes

This is the great spot at Dakar-Yoff ! See the map

It is better to go near the rescue station, or on the right, because there is a bad stream just in from of the road.

The trade winds are very nice in this area, onshore or sideshore from the right (N-NE). At high tide the waves could be strong, usually between 1m - 2m high, and can sometimes be 4m high

The best place is the square "La Baleine" just near the "poste de secours" on the right looking the see, there is Mbenga and Malick who rent paillotes (1000Fcfa, no hesitation for confort and security), they know how to help us to land and take-off the kites.


Lodging possible just in front of the beach

at Malika Surf House

at Hotel SunSet, from 30€ (1 bed) to 90€ (5 beds) :
Tel : +221 8207204
Email : senegalbeach@hotmail.fr

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