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South of Saint-Louis, 3 or 4 kilometers from the town (coming by Guet Ndar fishers quater, and then by the muslim cimetary) the Hydrobase is the starting of "la Langue de Barbarie".

Kitesurfing is possible on both sides : ocean or river. The main wind from november to july, theTrade Winds, is offshore from North-East in the morning, and comes from North-North-West in the afternoon sideshore or onshore, between 15-25 knots. Vawes are here ! During january-february, the Eastern wind Harmattan blowes sometimes around 30kts. Otherwise, from july to october, it is the rainy season with hot and wet wind coming from the ocean North-West or South-West between 5-15 knots (careful with the storms that can become hurricanes !).

Waves are great on oceanside !

Attention : total autonomy needed on the ocean, on this spot you are alone ...

There are always waves, from 1 meter to 3 meters, sometimes by big swell they can be 4 or 5 meters heigh...and with the Trade Winds we surf them on the right side. Becarefull, in the shorebreak there a very strong courant North-South that avoid upwind ; so to upwind, you'd better go behind the waves in the ocean...

Safe ride on riverside !

We advise this side with Harmattan wind coming from East  (dangerous on the ocean) or if you don't want waves ; you can ride on flat and not deep water, and there is a nice place to go in the water just near the hotel Diamarek (attention there are 3 coconutrees and one filao eek ; security is nice with North or East winds ; here the river is more than one kilometer wide ; unfortunately, the edges are not well clean because we are downstream from the city...

The Hydrobase stoppes a few kilometers south with the new Senegal rivermouth.
ATTENTION, it may be very strong streams in the rivermouth, riding there is dangerous !


DIAPORAMA fleuve Sénégal

DIAPORAMA Océan à Saint-Louis

They are many hotels of good standing (some of them ordered when you come from the town) :
- hotel Dior
- hotel Mermoz
- hotel Oasis
- hotel Cap Saint-Louis
- hotel Diamarek
- hotel Valentine Paradise

They are also many little "campements" which are cheaper, and also the camping Ocean (with places for camping-cars) just near hotel Dior. The campers will be happy to get ice just near the camping (ice for fishers, 500Fcfa - less than 1 euro - for each cooler)

If you want to buy african works, please remember to go to Babacar's who expose his works on the beach in front of hotel Cap Saint-Louis, between hotel Oasis and hotel Diamarek. Thanks : and he could help you with your kites... Here is his email m.b.gaye@voila.fr

History, sport and literature, Saint-Louis and the Senegal River have extraordinary past and present (french videos) !

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