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Near Palmarin, Niassam is a village placed less than one kilometre at the East of the seaside. In this place, the lagoon is not deep but enought for kitesurfing. There is no direct way to the see, so it's secure
See interactive map of syndicat d'initiative du Sine Saloum

Be carefull, kitesurfing in the reserved natural area is forbiden ... for our pleasure to see wonderfull birds. If you absolutely want it, go and talk with the natural area responsable, whos office is near the Royal Lodge at Palmarin, et ask him where to ride your session (et pay your fee 1000 Fcfa)

On the edge of the lagoon stands "Le Lodge des collines de Niassam" ... like a wonderfull dream !

Photos Yolaine Legrelle, merci
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