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Mar Lodj

Based on the Saloum river, Mar Lodj is an island on which you can go crossing Ndangane : there is a regular service of boats to cross the water (take it at the village Ndangane), or you can sale your own boat (more expensive, take it at the end of the main road).

Kitesurfing is possible at Ndangane and around the island, it depends of the wind direction. Usually (november-may), the wind is from East, so it's better kitesurfing on the South-side of the island, where the river is wide and the wind regular ; or the wind is from North so it is possible to kitesurf just in front of Ndangane.

see the interactive map of syndicat d'initiative du Sine Saloum

View on the Saloum river
photo Yohann and Dan january 2008 - Thanks

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