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La Somone

La Somone is a little touristic town. see the map or GoogleMap

Kitesurfing is quiet there on flat water (attention : some stones along the beach).

There are 3 periods :

The beach (close to Hotel Baobab) at the river mouth is ideal for kite launch, just in front of a little wave ... we share it with the surfers (attention, they have priority !).

La Somone par vent de terre

La Somone par vent de terre
La Somone with offshore wind

La Somone par vent de mer

La Somone par vent de mer
La Somone with onshore wind


Session kitesurf à La Somone 4 mai 2013 avec Alexis et Bertil... par DaKite_

Contact Philippe +221 784836896 or Somone Surf Forever for SUP and surf, classes and rental

Contact Omar +221 779435041 if you want anything about sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing (even rescue), but he is not kitesurfing instructor.

Contact Baye Faye (tel : 773703594) on the beach near the boats, he is a young and funny guy who will give you lots of good services with his boat : balades, assistance, bodyboard and windsurf rental... and who will show you where to eat along the lagoon at Ibra's  "L'ile aux pélicans"

Enjoy the spot at Mouss' bar-restau "Au coucher du soleil" that is just at the point between lagoon and ocean : +221 775798014 / +221 771846964. There is a large beach to takeoff and land the kite, but attention, there are stones in the water, easy when high tide (to avoid for beginners !).

Note that the lagoon behind is a classed reserve, so kiteboarding is forbidden there.

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