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You are answering to Andy who wrote:


Hello guys,

this is a very nice website and it already provides a lot of information. 

I have a short notice trip planned to Dakar. The main reason for coming to Dakar is to go surfing, but I also consider to take my kitesurfing equipment. At least for some time I will be staying on Ngor island but would also like to explore other spots depending on the conditions. 

I heard mixed comments on the winds in Dakar and surrounding... some say it is not worth bringing kite equipment and some say it could make sense. 

I have 6,8,9,12m kites and a direction + twin tip. I thought of taking the 9m + the twin tip (since winds seem to be mostly onshore). I would prefer to surf in waves depending on size.... max. 3 - 4m depending on shape of waves (mellow vs. hollow).

As I have decide to either take a 2nd surfboard or instead my limited kite package (9m kite, bar, harness, board), I would like to get some recommendations:

How is the wind during between mid December and mid January? 

Is there someone available that could help with once-off guiding? Where to go etc.?

I have seen that there is some infrastructure at Yoff which seems quite good since I will def. not bring a kite pump due to space limitations.

Any feedback / help is appreciated. I will be leaving next Friday... so the earlier the better wink!

Thank you all!


PS: I will not bring my 12m - not a fan of light winds. It´s either enough for the 9m or I will go surfing.

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