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Forum - Spots & Weather & Gear - Where to go kiting best, while windy season is closing to an end

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04/06/2019 19:49
by Daaf


1 message

Hello DaKite, 

I came across your website earlier

Me and my girlfriend will be in Dakar for the next two weeks. If wind lets us, we would like to embark on a kite trip of around 3/4/5 days, depending on the wind. I've learned that windy season just ended. At what spot are or chances for some decent wind highest? My girlfriend prefers flat water, if that matters. 

Are there any trips organised or should we rent a car somewhere? 

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Daaf

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Answer n° 1
05/06/2019 23:31
by Bertil


8 messages

Hi Daaf,

the windy season is ending now so we stopped the tours, sorry ! Maybe you should go to La Somone that is a nice kitesurfing spot at this time (we all go there !), and it is also a nice place to stay and enjoy along the lagoon...

To go to La Somone and stay there you don't need to rent a car, because they are many local taxis. From Dakar to Somone the price by taxi is around 20000Fcfa + 3500F with highway.

Attention : the forecast says that there will be wind next friday and saterday (june 7th & 8th), and then nothing until next thursday (june 13th) !!! Soon the end eek

Hope to see you on this spot next week-end !

Write to Bertil
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